About Us

Orange County Schools offer thirteen schools ranging from grades PreK-12 in Orange County, North Carolina. Our Mission is to provide learning opportunities that develop resourceful citizens prepared to engage in an ever changing and diverse world.


In 2014, a diverse group of Orange County citizens were called together by the Board of Education to envision the future of Orange County Schools (OCS). The community process through which the vision was created was one of two parts of an overall process that yielded our current Orange County Schools five year strategic plan. The mission, goals, and strategies of the OCS strategic plan were created by a representative group of OCS leadership who worked to align the community's vision with the mission, goals, and strategies created through the strategic planning process.

Mission and Vision

Our Vision
Preparing every learner for lifelong service and success.

Our Mission
Educating students in a safe, inclusive environment where we engage, challenge, and inspire them to reach their maximum potential.